Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tuesday Scrapping--transfer tape

So the idea for todays playing with stuff came from transfer tape .

I recently just got rid of a bunch of magazines and such, so I am kinda kicking myself right now. But now I will be on the hunt for stuff. I do live across from a Salvation I'm thinking I could probably find a cool magazine over there. Patiently waiting for them to open. Anyway....
I had a Cosmo laying around went thru it, did a test it worked excited about the endless possibilities of this medium.

so this is what I have cut out so far. Just anything that caught my eye. Mostly numbers and such.

So this is what I did with the tape transfer..I used a number stamp in the background. Then I added in red in another linen stamped image background.

Since I am going to make ATC's. I thought I would number and date them..I have an office supply store stamp that is used for numbering things. So I decided that will be good for dating and numbering.

My background stamp from the first ATC I did got me thinking about the huge box of fabric I have..hence the medium I used for my next ATC..
I inked the fabric. And all though you can't see it very well in the picture, I used a chipboard shape and painted it with silver crackle paint then gold leafed penned it and then added a little yellow ink to it as well.
My last project of the day was embossing. I am the worst embosser ever!!!
Even if you try to show me. You will lose all ability to emboss around me. I suck the embossing knowledge out of you. But don't worry it returns after I leave the room..It is so true.

So I played with resistance..also I did some paint and clear embossing backgrounds. These ATC are not complete yet, and they may not be all used but they are ready to go if the mood strikes to use them for something.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Printer Tray

About a month ago I bought a printer tray, (I have actually picked up two now)...anyway, I purchased it to
fill it with random treasures I had found, purchased..etc..(a picture of the tray can be found in the link)
Printer Tray--Treasures Post

Anyway..I have been purchasing, and searching the house and I started to assemble my tray last night.
This is proving more difficult than I thought. Some of those compartments are very small.
This is the start of what I did last night.
I used glue dots and pop dots (with glue dots) to adhere things to the tray. I assume the glue dots wouldn't damage the tray or the item.
And can I just point out that the paddle lock is heavy and there is about 10 glue dots on it and it is holding strong.

This is a 1960's glass needle I bought yesterday for $3..
There are a few more items that were added after I took the picture. But it is coming along. I think it will take a while to finish it. But that is half the fun looking for weird, interesting items to put in there. I am going to make a template and keep it in my purse so I know how big something can be. Still very shocked at the size of some of these. I can take out some dividers..but it just seems wrong to change the tray itself.
The other tray I got not sure what I will put in it yet. I can't see me doing this to it. Cause I believe this project is going to prove to be very expensive.

 And I bought a bag full of old watches for $14..this is one of the one's in the bag. It's a lady's Bulova watch. IT WORKS!!! and I assume it pre-dates 1948 as there are no date markings on it. Gonna get it checked out.
The other watches did not work. I have taken them apart to use for scrapbooking. I think one of the faces or something will make it into the tray.

Oh and tomorrow is Tuesday..I will be scrapbooking..or I will be in my room doing something. I think I will divide my time between putting stuff away and scrapbooking!!

Thinking that another ATC or something similar is in the mix.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today is the day..I scrapbooked--A Timeline

9:20 am EST..
I am going to be in my scraproom at 6pm this evening. Maybe earlier if I get the dishes and dinner complete.
I am thinking traffic may be a nightmare this dishes might have to wait until tomorrow.

I am going to make an ATC or Tag..I have ideas.

I have way too many virgin stamps. I also have my binder ready (to be my stamp inventory) to stamp off images that I am using to start my stamp inventory.

I'm so excited.

Stay tuned..

12:28pm EST

We are getting closer..ok so in between working I have been printing off some vintage clip art I have found. Vintage Free Clip Art
Getting ideas flowing and etc..Oh I can't wait. I can seriously see dishes are not getting done tonite and I will just eat dinner and go straight to scraproom.
Now I do have a little clean up and set up to do in my scraproom to get it so I can just start scrapping..won't take long. Have to put away some stamps. (The ones I clinged...But I will be using some of those I figure..) Have to plug in and get out my go to heat gun. I heat gun everything.

I also downloaded from Ranger Ink 's site , the rest of the labels I need for my new distress inks, a colour swatch chart for my distress inks. They did have stickles, and alcohol ink charts I downloaded them as well..and yes I have the complete collection of re-inkers and distress inks , and alcohol inks..not all the stickles, but enough.

Two blogs that I frequent
Ink Stains -- seriously awesome this blog.


Now this entry just made me want to some how make one of these

This is sooo cool (takes a second to load)

4:51pm EST
ok drive home sucked...extra 25mins
but at least when I got home there was my new issue of Stampers  Sampler's.

Kettle is boiled, tea is steeping, gonna peruse my magazine and move tv into scraproom and scrap something..

stay tuned...
The following day....
6:34am EST

It was glorious..I had a great time..
And now the share....
Drum roll

This ATC I used a lot of layering. It's hard to tell in this picture. But there is a a stamped background with a diamond background stamp (Tim Holtz)
The Journal de Paris is one of the clip art images I downloaded.
Paris stamp at bottom is (Tim Holtz) and the other stamps I forget.

And NEXT...

I used a clip art image again.
Now I don't own a lot of pink so I had to colour the flower, brad and heart with a copic to get it pink.
I had a lot of fun with this. I wanted to layer and I did.
I had a great time last night.
Can't wait to do it again.

Monday, March 7, 2011

No further ahead

I had such high hopes for this past weekend.
And nothing got accomplished.
My cable and internet have been out since Friday morning. I am assured someone is coming this evening. I sure hope so.
I think I have the winter blahs..they have finally hit me.

My truck was a frozen block of metal this morning that took forever to get into and is still partially frozen.

So nothing good to report today.

Friday, March 4, 2011

What have I learned

Well I found some really cool stuff I didn't know I had.
I so just want to scrapbook something.

I really miss my hobby.
My room makes me happy

And it doesn't matter how cool or cheap the stamp is..unmounted rubber is not worth it. I cut up 4.5 sheets of Ez mount last night. But with my Tim Holtz scissors it was easy. My hands didn't even hurt after. And Un-Du is the greatest product ever!!!!

I also learned that cling stamps are much thicker than acrylic..And business card holder sheets work very well for stamps that are smaller. Yes that is 7 Binders worth of stamps. But I will remind you cling is very thick. I think one binder only has 15 6x6 stamps in it and then it was full.

I am not allowed to buy the following anymore:
first we start with types of stamps..
- trees
- script
- ledger
- grids
- flowers
- flourishes and swirls
- postal themed
- clocks, time or anything related

- no more flock, glitter, adhesive

- ATC stuff

- pockets, envelopes

- storage stuff

- alterable stuff

Honestly there should be a sevenly..(is that even a word--spell check is saying no..but I'm going with it anyway)
- metal..but I love metal. Chunky metal embellishments.

That is off the top of my head.

So what is left for me to do in my room.. my punches.
sort my paper
still purge some things
work on my ribbon
get decorative fun shelves up..
finish emptying down stairs scraproom
find my ATC Carousel--it has been located
decide on some furniture options
and tweaking..I'm sure there will always be tweaking..

Longer ambitiousness--stamp off images for my stamps that do not have a card in front of them so I know what they are.
I did order some business card holders for my smaller stamps. They came in yesterday--and they are dealt with.

Tuesday night I sat on my bed and dealt with all my acrylics and cling stamps. I also sorted thru all my metal embellishments. I really need to get a tv in my scraproom. I just need it on to hear it and be able to look up from time to time to see it. Its a comforting thing to me. Always have been that way. And tv is always on in my house. Unless I am in music mode and its blaring. I just like the noise I think. I have done that since I was 11 or 12..always when I am home alone...which is getting less and less now.
Well more pictures to follow..(they are above)

The tv from the kitchen (with a longer cable cord added) does reach my scraproom..YAY..

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Recently, my beau and I have been going to junk shops, antique shops, flea markets, etc..I have found some great stuff..some is to decorate my scraproom..some items are just for me cause I like them.

I have a tattoo on my right upper thigh / is World War I dog tags..they are of my great great uncle..this is what he would have worn on his uniform..I have found some military stuff so I am collecting it so I can make a shadow box..that will be a project later to be shown, once I find all the pieces..still need 3 more pieces..

Found an old album..full full of pics, dating back to 1870's..just incredible and I will post more about this later.

 I have printer excited about this. One will go in my living room with stuff to find later to put in it..and one will go in my scraproom..
 This is an empty pocket watch from 1904..there is a really neat we think added by the owner engraving of a homestead on there.
 More military badges for my collection..
 AND THIS IS MY FAVOURITE FIND..$25 it works..needs a little work to make it work better..but based on the serial number this typewriter is from 1920..this will be on display in my scraproom.
 And I am just left handed and this is fun!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Progress...and stamps

**EDIT--shockingly I only found one double of stamps..yes only one. how is that for memory.
 This is what I started with. The old scraproom. I can see my awesome antique desk in there. No it did not follow me upstairs. But at least its visable again.

Well we started late on Saturday. Jackie arrived at 5:30pm..and shockingly we only took too breaks. Once for dinner and once for cake. She left  just after 11:30pm.
 These are just all stamps. There was another container full of stamps as well. But we came up with a great storage solution.
 Spice rack risers. Not sure what else to call them.
 There are 6 of them in there. They fit perfectly. I will have to raise the back three. But there is a problem. There is no more room for
 My acrylics and clings went into photo sheets into a binder. My bigger stamps are in sheet protectors. I do have to go and get baseball card holder sheets for my smaller stamps.
 And this is the progress we have. My room isn't done. I would say another 4 hours worth of work. Which I did some last night. I did all the stamps last night. I sorted my metal embellishments. I have a metal problem, probably as bad as my stamp problem.

I will take more pics. My table is in the room as well. So are a lot of empty containers which I have to remove and get rid of.

But it is coming a long.
Thank you Jackie of all your help.