Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Isn't it just pretty

 So I decided to get all my baskets out and put them in places. The baskets with the black rectangle in the front (those are actually chalk boards for labeling the isn't it) those are the ones I got at Michaels on the weekend. Very excited.
 The blue pails in the are just fun too. Not sure what is gonna go in there. But its two pails with a handle how could you not buy that.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Murphy's Law--Part 2

Well Murphy's Law actually worked out to my advantage this time. Since I was unable to start loading my room because I was sick. And I still am sick. I was able to get my shelves painted.
And me being me chose orange.

And Jackie was so kind to reschedule with me. This Saturday (and she is giving up a Saturday to help me) we are moving stuff into my room.
Michael's had baskets 50% off plus Saturday and Sunday was and extra 25% some really fun baskets. I decided to go back on Sunday and get another set because I can return them if I don't need them. So my theory was it was better to have to many then not enough.

I also picked up some fun stuff for my shelves (wall style) that are getting painted a fantastic green today. And will be installed this evening when I get home. I have been going antiquing the last couple weekends. I think my room will have a nice 7 Gypsies feel to it. Which is my style..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Murphy's Law--Part 1

I am so sick. Of course I got sick on Sunday. So my plans for Monday were cancelled do to the fact I could not get out of bed.

I am still sick of course.

But my room is painted and there are shelves.

This was before I took the tape off the floor.

The picture on the box of what the shelves are suppose to look like.

Shocklingly I did not hurt myself at all while assembling the shelves.

The picture on the box gave me an idea. It also gave me surface space. Which was going to be an issue.

And this is currently what I have. Oh I noticed I didn't get the full shot of the tall shelf in there..well the tall shelf is (again I will remind you I am sick.)

Friday, February 11, 2011


My room is being painted. I can't wait to get home and see how it looks.
I've been told might need more paint.'s getting's progress..

Next Step

Ok I have been told my room is getting painted today while I am at work. I am really hoping so, but I am not sure...we will see.

So as always I am behind schedule.
I need to box up most of my room before Monday morning.
The shelves were purchased last night.

My Theory..
- box up all like items in same rubbermaid containers. So all stamps in one container. All dies, etc etc etc..
- Start putting stuff in containers (once the rubbermaids are upstairs) or put the item in their new home as I go..
- Have the table and other furniture up in room so we can move stuff and arrange stuff as necessary.
- The shelves are to be assembled and roughly placed. They were purchased from Lowes and they can hold up to a 1000 lbs..hey scrapbook stuff is heavy and I have a thing for metal and chipboard. The shelves are also 18 inches deep which means I can put a lot of stuff on there.

And again I am not going with the pretty all conformed looking stuff..I'm going eclectic, which is more my style. Lots of bright colours where possible.

After I see how many wood blocked stamps I have I have decided to make my own shelving unit. I haven't been able to find anything, but I figure if I use 1 x 4 wood I can make my own custom shelving unit for the stamps..I have a lot of stamps.

I am a I need to see it girl. And not direct vision. But it can't be in a container behind a cupboard door..I need to see the container. And with everything being so different I will know what it is that orange ceramic square pot that I am using to house such and such. And that pail blue double metal bucket will have this..I will know that..I have a weird memory.

I found a kitchen cart at Rona for $50..that is going to be my die cutting station. I it is relatively small in size but it is on wheels so I can roll it over to my desk when I need to.

I will have a printing / silhouette station..I have a spare 1950's table that can serve that purpose.
I have been downloading like no tomorrow since I got my Silhouette..would be nice to actually use it.

I have decided to go binder style for all my unmounted rubber. I will use report covers and sheet protectors.
I still want to inventory all my stamps but that will take time.

It's coming together.
I am so looking forward to using my stash.
I have yet to try my ten second studios stuff..

OH....and I have decided to put up pictures of Marilyn Monroe all over my room. Why cause I have a thing for her. I even made a mini-book a couple years ago.

Will my room be finished as of Monday..Hell no..will it be scrapable.. yes.
There will be other things that need to be bought, but we all only got so much coin..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Scraproom--oh the horror

This is what I started with..empty room. It has a south facing window. It was orginally Pink with Green trim..not my doing, previous owners did that.

So this is what happened next..

There were a couple spots on the wall that had some peeling paint. And in preparation for priming I knew that you were suppose to scrape around these places until the old paint stopped flaking off..

On to the next photo...

I believe this was taken at hour two..not sure..I just know it took all day to scrape all the walls..latex paint over oil paint with no primer in between..not a good idea..

So the room is only primed at this point. It will get painted this weekend..

Oh and here is what you find under the first layer of paint.

I believe it is Mr. Peanut, not sure..but I'm thinking soo..

Friday, February 4, 2011

So many ideas

Ok so I am back to buying stuff..
I haven't bought anything in awhile either.
I am about to get a Big Shot and some Tim Holtz dies and such..(my new scraproom will have a die cut station)
Well my scraproom is getting painted this weekend. Tomorrow..
Next weekend I will go get the shelving and have it all up and ready to put stuff on.
I still have to box up my scraproom down stairs
On Valentine's wonderful friend Jackie, is coming during the day to help me put stuff away in my new scraproom.
I am really hoping we are not lying under the table half way thru like we were when we sorted her room.

I have so many new things to try..stuff I have bought over the last year. New stuff. I just want to play with it. And by my guesstamation I will be in 2 weeks able to do so.

Of course once my room is all pretty and such I will not want to touch it.

I have decided I cannot just go with all the same baskets and such. It isn't me. I need a mix of things. Stuff I like to look at. Stuff that will fit what I want to put in it.

My only unsure how to house or display stuff is my stamps..I have a lot of stamps and I just keep getting more. I have acrylics, clings, and woodblocked..I am not taking them off the wood..I like my wood. My wood is staying.

There isn't enough hours in the day. Or enough free time for me to be able to do all of this.

I have decided to go forth and start with ATC's. That will be my get back into it. I do have an ATC Display looking forward to filling that. So many ideas.

My Version of Scrapbooking

I know there are different names for it. People call themselves Cardmakers, Stampers, Paper Crafters..I just kinda lump it all and say I scrapbook. Sure I do pages, I make cards, I alter things, I make ATC's..but to me it's all scrapbooking.

I know I have generalized it. But I'm using Scrapbooking stuff to do it therefore I scrapbook

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Starting Over

It's been a long time.
I haven't scrapbooked or even blogged properly since November 2009.
But it's the year of George, that is what I am calling it. (Kuddos to those who picked up the Seinfeld reference there..I know it was summer of George..but it's Winter and well I'm not a fan of the Winter of George..hence the year of George is my choice)
The new me.
Starting over.

My first challenge my scraproom.
I decided to move it out of it's current room to upstairs to the spare bedroom and vice versa.

A fresh start, a new blog, a new room.

So what will my blog be about other than scrapbooking, or my version of scrapbooking.
- Well first it will be my process of building my scraproom. I have a lot of ideas and I want to do it right this time. There will be lots of pics
- Organization of it all.
- I would like to work my way back to scrapbooking so to begin with just my completed projects.
- R & D..I miss R & D..this was so much easier when Jackie owned the store.
- Technique shares
- Product reviews
- Tutorials
That's just to begin with.
I have no idea how to make this blog prettier..not sure I want to anyway. Think it should just be about the stuff I am putting on here.
Orange is my colour though.