Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday monday

I am so very tired today. It was a great weekend. Great weather, lots of treasure hunting. But 15 hours sleep from Friday to Monday morning is not my idea of how to start the week.

But I did found out about my old watch...It's from the 20's not the 40's like I thought. My beau was right and he pulled a I'm right and your wrong happy dance..was kinda funny..but I got him with it not being is gold plated..he swore to me it was isn' I guess we evened out on the watch.
So was at an antique dealer asked him if he would be interested in it. He said we could get $25. So I decided to keep it. It will make its debut in the printer tray. I would have sold it for $50..but since it isn't worth that much. I will keep it. Was a great unexpected find.

I have 54 pen nibs..they were $6. This will be for fun is that.
 We went to I don't even know how many places just treasure hunting for the printer tray and this was the find of the day. $15 for this gem.

Not sure when it is from. 30's maybe 40's haven't really researched it yet. And my reasoning for believing it is that old is what I found inside.
 It is a notebook..and someone has recorded there family tree in there..very interesting...and there was one more surprise..
 There was a tiny picture in there.

Lots of treasures were found this weekend. Not a lot of money spent either I think $40 in total. We have decided on a couple items that we are on the hunt for to add to the tray..not just random like we have been doing.

- green army guys.
- a thimble..but a really cool odd design thimble.
- car parts. a spark plug..oh I saw a spark plug turned into a toy car on weekend. was very cute..
and that is it for must find and leave space for.

This is a ole carpenters pencil I think.
 This I bought for my beau. But somehow it's going in my collection..
 And the other various items. That's right a smurf car. More lead toys in the back. I refrained from putting them in my mouth and chewing on them.
I am so not going to get anymore wade figurines. But the monkey's were necessary. I had the chimp one when I was a kid, and the beau loves monkeys..

And this was bought for me. I think its a great find..we are thinking 50's or 60's on the badge. Very heavy pin. It is metal too.

We are just having so much fun looking for this stuff. I'm thinking that second printer tray is going to get filled as well. But now with yard sale season upon us..finding stuff should be easier and hopefully cheaper!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

My own vintage ephemera

so in all my treasure hunting travels I have started noticing I can find or make my own ephemera..
But I will never destroy anything in good condition, or worth anything.
So I'm about to go to Salvation Army to see what I can find.

My bag of watches I found..none of them worked (except the Bulova--which I am still trying to find out about) and the glass was broken on most or just scratched very they came apart..and have become this pile..(now some parts I bought from is what led me to I can find this stuff places and take it apart myself)

 So Tuesday went to the Salvation Army..this was my find..
 It taken apart. Wasn't the greatest haul..but it was fun and not bad for $3..
 Wednesday night went to Value Village..found this pic..this is going to be hung in my scraproom..$2
 And a jig saw puzzle..comes with no picture..
 These are the pieces. They are a little smaller than I hoped, but there are some interesting shapes in there as well.

I'm still looking for domino's and scrabble pieces and maybe a bingo game..all for scrapping supplies of course. Much cheaper. And kinda different looking when you do it this way.