Monday, March 28, 2011

The Printer Tray

About a month ago I bought a printer tray, (I have actually picked up two now)...anyway, I purchased it to
fill it with random treasures I had found, purchased..etc..(a picture of the tray can be found in the link)
Printer Tray--Treasures Post

Anyway..I have been purchasing, and searching the house and I started to assemble my tray last night.
This is proving more difficult than I thought. Some of those compartments are very small.
This is the start of what I did last night.
I used glue dots and pop dots (with glue dots) to adhere things to the tray. I assume the glue dots wouldn't damage the tray or the item.
And can I just point out that the paddle lock is heavy and there is about 10 glue dots on it and it is holding strong.

This is a 1960's glass needle I bought yesterday for $3..
There are a few more items that were added after I took the picture. But it is coming along. I think it will take a while to finish it. But that is half the fun looking for weird, interesting items to put in there. I am going to make a template and keep it in my purse so I know how big something can be. Still very shocked at the size of some of these. I can take out some dividers..but it just seems wrong to change the tray itself.
The other tray I got not sure what I will put in it yet. I can't see me doing this to it. Cause I believe this project is going to prove to be very expensive.

 And I bought a bag full of old watches for $14..this is one of the one's in the bag. It's a lady's Bulova watch. IT WORKS!!! and I assume it pre-dates 1948 as there are no date markings on it. Gonna get it checked out.
The other watches did not work. I have taken them apart to use for scrapbooking. I think one of the faces or something will make it into the tray.

Oh and tomorrow is Tuesday..I will be scrapbooking..or I will be in my room doing something. I think I will divide my time between putting stuff away and scrapbooking!!

Thinking that another ATC or something similar is in the mix.


  1. Your printer tray project looks fun, I love the things you've found so far to put in it, good luck with the rest.

  2. Very cool tray! Did you find it at a flea market? It will be fun to fill it up with unique stuff. I love this idea.

  3. definately a cool project! Love the watch and all the pieces parts! thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Hey! I have a Bulova watch like that I got from my Aunt, and the watch case is real gold! Good score!

  5. looking good .. will be fantastic once its all done .. loving that old needle