Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tuesday Scrapping--transfer tape

So the idea for todays playing with stuff came from transfer tape .

I recently just got rid of a bunch of magazines and such, so I am kinda kicking myself right now. But now I will be on the hunt for stuff. I do live across from a Salvation I'm thinking I could probably find a cool magazine over there. Patiently waiting for them to open. Anyway....
I had a Cosmo laying around went thru it, did a test it worked excited about the endless possibilities of this medium.

so this is what I have cut out so far. Just anything that caught my eye. Mostly numbers and such.

So this is what I did with the tape transfer..I used a number stamp in the background. Then I added in red in another linen stamped image background.

Since I am going to make ATC's. I thought I would number and date them..I have an office supply store stamp that is used for numbering things. So I decided that will be good for dating and numbering.

My background stamp from the first ATC I did got me thinking about the huge box of fabric I have..hence the medium I used for my next ATC..
I inked the fabric. And all though you can't see it very well in the picture, I used a chipboard shape and painted it with silver crackle paint then gold leafed penned it and then added a little yellow ink to it as well.
My last project of the day was embossing. I am the worst embosser ever!!!
Even if you try to show me. You will lose all ability to emboss around me. I suck the embossing knowledge out of you. But don't worry it returns after I leave the room..It is so true.

So I played with resistance..also I did some paint and clear embossing backgrounds. These ATC are not complete yet, and they may not be all used but they are ready to go if the mood strikes to use them for something.


  1. looks like lots of fun - isn't the transfer tape thing so cool!

  2. neat idea .. I love how they turned out!!! TFS K =)