Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It started with a book

been awhile.
I have been collecting some more items to scrapbook with. Game pieces etc..My printer tray has a couple new items as well but not a lot.

I haven't kept to my once a week scrapbook rule either. Though I am making up for it this week.

I posted a link a few weeks ago from the Inspirational Blogspot. Unfortunately it hasn't been updated since February.

So with this project I went to Value Village and bought an older hardcover book. Now I did not pick a book that I recognize, because I don't think I could destroy it like I did.

Conveniently there was a boarder on the first page so I used that as my cutting template.

 Now I don't recommend using the horrible knife I did. Its the orange thing there below in the picture on the right hand side. Tip was broken, and you have to hold out the blade with a slide button. My hand was killing me. But it did make me stop earlier which might in turn have been a good thing (wow was that even English)..

See there is that horrible knife again. That blue thing is the slide button. Anyway. I used Making Memories Glaze Copper paint to cover the book. And this is all I finished on Monday night. I had to wait for the paint to dry, plus it was late.
 So I go to bed and I have all these ideas for this book. I can see what I want. I really didn't want to get out of bed and I was lucky I had a notebook in my night stand so I decided to sketch my idea.
Funny how the sketch ended up not looking like the finished product at all.
 Last night..Tuesday..Since I have a stamp problem I figured I should use some stamps on this and I actually pictured  this stamp. It's a Tim Holtz stamp. I used black Staz On. Stamped beautifully. The gold you see in this pic is Stix 2 glue and Stix 2 gold foil. It was used a lot in this project.
 So I have some clip art CD's of vintage women. I think she might actually be on there but I found this image online and printed it off on photo paper. Now the photo paper I used was from work and it is really old. Like really old. I'd say at least 7 years old. This might be a factor later.
So this is the before image.
 And I used my Flower Soft for the first time. I mixed about 6 colours together to get this mix. I used my Stix 2 glue again. There is also another Flower Soft element for this project but drying time is really holding back my progress.
 Not that you can see in this picture. But the hole is covered in Tim Holtz Crackle Paint. I stamped around the outside of the hold and also Stix 2 foiled part of the image. The picture in the hole is not actually in place yet. But in theory that is where it will be going. Raised up in the pages.

Oh I have not glued the pages in the book yet. I will be using them to place layers of stuff.
 So the cameo (believe 7 Gypsies--oh what fun it was cutting the picture to size) I decided to Crackle Accent it .. and this is where the age of the photo paper comes into play I think. Cause those cracks are the the pic actually cracked.

There are a few elements left to add..or well a lot. Just drying time is taking forever. I'm really happy that I am able to use a lot of different techniques with this project and hope to be able to finish it on Thursday. Tonite I am busy.

So thanks for looking so far.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday monday

I am so very tired today. It was a great weekend. Great weather, lots of treasure hunting. But 15 hours sleep from Friday to Monday morning is not my idea of how to start the week.

But I did found out about my old watch...It's from the 20's not the 40's like I thought. My beau was right and he pulled a I'm right and your wrong happy dance..was kinda funny..but I got him with it not being is gold plated..he swore to me it was isn' I guess we evened out on the watch.
So was at an antique dealer asked him if he would be interested in it. He said we could get $25. So I decided to keep it. It will make its debut in the printer tray. I would have sold it for $50..but since it isn't worth that much. I will keep it. Was a great unexpected find.

I have 54 pen nibs..they were $6. This will be for fun is that.
 We went to I don't even know how many places just treasure hunting for the printer tray and this was the find of the day. $15 for this gem.

Not sure when it is from. 30's maybe 40's haven't really researched it yet. And my reasoning for believing it is that old is what I found inside.
 It is a notebook..and someone has recorded there family tree in there..very interesting...and there was one more surprise..
 There was a tiny picture in there.

Lots of treasures were found this weekend. Not a lot of money spent either I think $40 in total. We have decided on a couple items that we are on the hunt for to add to the tray..not just random like we have been doing.

- green army guys.
- a thimble..but a really cool odd design thimble.
- car parts. a spark plug..oh I saw a spark plug turned into a toy car on weekend. was very cute..
and that is it for must find and leave space for.

This is a ole carpenters pencil I think.
 This I bought for my beau. But somehow it's going in my collection..
 And the other various items. That's right a smurf car. More lead toys in the back. I refrained from putting them in my mouth and chewing on them.
I am so not going to get anymore wade figurines. But the monkey's were necessary. I had the chimp one when I was a kid, and the beau loves monkeys..

And this was bought for me. I think its a great find..we are thinking 50's or 60's on the badge. Very heavy pin. It is metal too.

We are just having so much fun looking for this stuff. I'm thinking that second printer tray is going to get filled as well. But now with yard sale season upon us..finding stuff should be easier and hopefully cheaper!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

My own vintage ephemera

so in all my treasure hunting travels I have started noticing I can find or make my own ephemera..
But I will never destroy anything in good condition, or worth anything.
So I'm about to go to Salvation Army to see what I can find.

My bag of watches I found..none of them worked (except the Bulova--which I am still trying to find out about) and the glass was broken on most or just scratched very they came apart..and have become this pile..(now some parts I bought from is what led me to I can find this stuff places and take it apart myself)

 So Tuesday went to the Salvation Army..this was my find..
 It taken apart. Wasn't the greatest haul..but it was fun and not bad for $3..
 Wednesday night went to Value Village..found this pic..this is going to be hung in my scraproom..$2
 And a jig saw puzzle..comes with no picture..
 These are the pieces. They are a little smaller than I hoped, but there are some interesting shapes in there as well.

I'm still looking for domino's and scrabble pieces and maybe a bingo game..all for scrapping supplies of course. Much cheaper. And kinda different looking when you do it this way.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tuesday Scrapping--transfer tape

So the idea for todays playing with stuff came from transfer tape .

I recently just got rid of a bunch of magazines and such, so I am kinda kicking myself right now. But now I will be on the hunt for stuff. I do live across from a Salvation I'm thinking I could probably find a cool magazine over there. Patiently waiting for them to open. Anyway....
I had a Cosmo laying around went thru it, did a test it worked excited about the endless possibilities of this medium.

so this is what I have cut out so far. Just anything that caught my eye. Mostly numbers and such.

So this is what I did with the tape transfer..I used a number stamp in the background. Then I added in red in another linen stamped image background.

Since I am going to make ATC's. I thought I would number and date them..I have an office supply store stamp that is used for numbering things. So I decided that will be good for dating and numbering.

My background stamp from the first ATC I did got me thinking about the huge box of fabric I have..hence the medium I used for my next ATC..
I inked the fabric. And all though you can't see it very well in the picture, I used a chipboard shape and painted it with silver crackle paint then gold leafed penned it and then added a little yellow ink to it as well.
My last project of the day was embossing. I am the worst embosser ever!!!
Even if you try to show me. You will lose all ability to emboss around me. I suck the embossing knowledge out of you. But don't worry it returns after I leave the room..It is so true.

So I played with resistance..also I did some paint and clear embossing backgrounds. These ATC are not complete yet, and they may not be all used but they are ready to go if the mood strikes to use them for something.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Printer Tray

About a month ago I bought a printer tray, (I have actually picked up two now)...anyway, I purchased it to
fill it with random treasures I had found, purchased..etc..(a picture of the tray can be found in the link)
Printer Tray--Treasures Post

Anyway..I have been purchasing, and searching the house and I started to assemble my tray last night.
This is proving more difficult than I thought. Some of those compartments are very small.
This is the start of what I did last night.
I used glue dots and pop dots (with glue dots) to adhere things to the tray. I assume the glue dots wouldn't damage the tray or the item.
And can I just point out that the paddle lock is heavy and there is about 10 glue dots on it and it is holding strong.

This is a 1960's glass needle I bought yesterday for $3..
There are a few more items that were added after I took the picture. But it is coming along. I think it will take a while to finish it. But that is half the fun looking for weird, interesting items to put in there. I am going to make a template and keep it in my purse so I know how big something can be. Still very shocked at the size of some of these. I can take out some dividers..but it just seems wrong to change the tray itself.
The other tray I got not sure what I will put in it yet. I can't see me doing this to it. Cause I believe this project is going to prove to be very expensive.

 And I bought a bag full of old watches for $14..this is one of the one's in the bag. It's a lady's Bulova watch. IT WORKS!!! and I assume it pre-dates 1948 as there are no date markings on it. Gonna get it checked out.
The other watches did not work. I have taken them apart to use for scrapbooking. I think one of the faces or something will make it into the tray.

Oh and tomorrow is Tuesday..I will be scrapbooking..or I will be in my room doing something. I think I will divide my time between putting stuff away and scrapbooking!!

Thinking that another ATC or something similar is in the mix.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today is the day..I scrapbooked--A Timeline

9:20 am EST..
I am going to be in my scraproom at 6pm this evening. Maybe earlier if I get the dishes and dinner complete.
I am thinking traffic may be a nightmare this dishes might have to wait until tomorrow.

I am going to make an ATC or Tag..I have ideas.

I have way too many virgin stamps. I also have my binder ready (to be my stamp inventory) to stamp off images that I am using to start my stamp inventory.

I'm so excited.

Stay tuned..

12:28pm EST

We are getting closer..ok so in between working I have been printing off some vintage clip art I have found. Vintage Free Clip Art
Getting ideas flowing and etc..Oh I can't wait. I can seriously see dishes are not getting done tonite and I will just eat dinner and go straight to scraproom.
Now I do have a little clean up and set up to do in my scraproom to get it so I can just start scrapping..won't take long. Have to put away some stamps. (The ones I clinged...But I will be using some of those I figure..) Have to plug in and get out my go to heat gun. I heat gun everything.

I also downloaded from Ranger Ink 's site , the rest of the labels I need for my new distress inks, a colour swatch chart for my distress inks. They did have stickles, and alcohol ink charts I downloaded them as well..and yes I have the complete collection of re-inkers and distress inks , and alcohol inks..not all the stickles, but enough.

Two blogs that I frequent
Ink Stains -- seriously awesome this blog.


Now this entry just made me want to some how make one of these

This is sooo cool (takes a second to load)

4:51pm EST
ok drive home sucked...extra 25mins
but at least when I got home there was my new issue of Stampers  Sampler's.

Kettle is boiled, tea is steeping, gonna peruse my magazine and move tv into scraproom and scrap something..

stay tuned...
The following day....
6:34am EST

It was glorious..I had a great time..
And now the share....
Drum roll

This ATC I used a lot of layering. It's hard to tell in this picture. But there is a a stamped background with a diamond background stamp (Tim Holtz)
The Journal de Paris is one of the clip art images I downloaded.
Paris stamp at bottom is (Tim Holtz) and the other stamps I forget.

And NEXT...

I used a clip art image again.
Now I don't own a lot of pink so I had to colour the flower, brad and heart with a copic to get it pink.
I had a lot of fun with this. I wanted to layer and I did.
I had a great time last night.
Can't wait to do it again.

Monday, March 7, 2011

No further ahead

I had such high hopes for this past weekend.
And nothing got accomplished.
My cable and internet have been out since Friday morning. I am assured someone is coming this evening. I sure hope so.
I think I have the winter blahs..they have finally hit me.

My truck was a frozen block of metal this morning that took forever to get into and is still partially frozen.

So nothing good to report today.