Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It started with a book

been awhile.
I have been collecting some more items to scrapbook with. Game pieces etc..My printer tray has a couple new items as well but not a lot.

I haven't kept to my once a week scrapbook rule either. Though I am making up for it this week.

I posted a link a few weeks ago from the Inspirational Blogspot. Unfortunately it hasn't been updated since February.

So with this project I went to Value Village and bought an older hardcover book. Now I did not pick a book that I recognize, because I don't think I could destroy it like I did.

Conveniently there was a boarder on the first page so I used that as my cutting template.

 Now I don't recommend using the horrible knife I did. Its the orange thing there below in the picture on the right hand side. Tip was broken, and you have to hold out the blade with a slide button. My hand was killing me. But it did make me stop earlier which might in turn have been a good thing (wow was that even English)..

See there is that horrible knife again. That blue thing is the slide button. Anyway. I used Making Memories Glaze Copper paint to cover the book. And this is all I finished on Monday night. I had to wait for the paint to dry, plus it was late.
 So I go to bed and I have all these ideas for this book. I can see what I want. I really didn't want to get out of bed and I was lucky I had a notebook in my night stand so I decided to sketch my idea.
Funny how the sketch ended up not looking like the finished product at all.
 Last night..Tuesday..Since I have a stamp problem I figured I should use some stamps on this and I actually pictured  this stamp. It's a Tim Holtz stamp. I used black Staz On. Stamped beautifully. The gold you see in this pic is Stix 2 glue and Stix 2 gold foil. It was used a lot in this project.
 So I have some clip art CD's of vintage women. I think she might actually be on there but I found this image online and printed it off on photo paper. Now the photo paper I used was from work and it is really old. Like really old. I'd say at least 7 years old. This might be a factor later.
So this is the before image.
 And I used my Flower Soft for the first time. I mixed about 6 colours together to get this mix. I used my Stix 2 glue again. There is also another Flower Soft element for this project but drying time is really holding back my progress.
 Not that you can see in this picture. But the hole is covered in Tim Holtz Crackle Paint. I stamped around the outside of the hold and also Stix 2 foiled part of the image. The picture in the hole is not actually in place yet. But in theory that is where it will be going. Raised up in the pages.

Oh I have not glued the pages in the book yet. I will be using them to place layers of stuff.
 So the cameo (believe 7 Gypsies--oh what fun it was cutting the picture to size) I decided to Crackle Accent it .. and this is where the age of the photo paper comes into play I think. Cause those cracks are the the pic actually cracked.

There are a few elements left to add..or well a lot. Just drying time is taking forever. I'm really happy that I am able to use a lot of different techniques with this project and hope to be able to finish it on Thursday. Tonite I am busy.

So thanks for looking so far.