Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today is the day..I scrapbooked--A Timeline

9:20 am EST..
I am going to be in my scraproom at 6pm this evening. Maybe earlier if I get the dishes and dinner complete.
I am thinking traffic may be a nightmare this dishes might have to wait until tomorrow.

I am going to make an ATC or Tag..I have ideas.

I have way too many virgin stamps. I also have my binder ready (to be my stamp inventory) to stamp off images that I am using to start my stamp inventory.

I'm so excited.

Stay tuned..

12:28pm EST

We are getting closer..ok so in between working I have been printing off some vintage clip art I have found. Vintage Free Clip Art
Getting ideas flowing and etc..Oh I can't wait. I can seriously see dishes are not getting done tonite and I will just eat dinner and go straight to scraproom.
Now I do have a little clean up and set up to do in my scraproom to get it so I can just start scrapping..won't take long. Have to put away some stamps. (The ones I clinged...But I will be using some of those I figure..) Have to plug in and get out my go to heat gun. I heat gun everything.

I also downloaded from Ranger Ink 's site , the rest of the labels I need for my new distress inks, a colour swatch chart for my distress inks. They did have stickles, and alcohol ink charts I downloaded them as well..and yes I have the complete collection of re-inkers and distress inks , and alcohol inks..not all the stickles, but enough.

Two blogs that I frequent
Ink Stains -- seriously awesome this blog.


Now this entry just made me want to some how make one of these

This is sooo cool (takes a second to load)

4:51pm EST
ok drive home sucked...extra 25mins
but at least when I got home there was my new issue of Stampers  Sampler's.

Kettle is boiled, tea is steeping, gonna peruse my magazine and move tv into scraproom and scrap something..

stay tuned...
The following day....
6:34am EST

It was glorious..I had a great time..
And now the share....
Drum roll

This ATC I used a lot of layering. It's hard to tell in this picture. But there is a a stamped background with a diamond background stamp (Tim Holtz)
The Journal de Paris is one of the clip art images I downloaded.
Paris stamp at bottom is (Tim Holtz) and the other stamps I forget.

And NEXT...

I used a clip art image again.
Now I don't own a lot of pink so I had to colour the flower, brad and heart with a copic to get it pink.
I had a lot of fun with this. I wanted to layer and I did.
I had a great time last night.
Can't wait to do it again.


  1. Great ATC's! Love the one with the pink, it sure pops! Sounds like you enjoyed getting back into it! ;)

  2. Really cool ATCs! I love the Eiffel tower. Cool stamp! :)

  3. They look fabulous! Where did you download your images from?

  4. Your ATC is beautiful.
    I always say skip the dishes to create ;)
    I am in awe that you have all the distress inks...and re inkers?!? Sow off, lol.

  5. Beautiful ATC! Really awesome that you have all the distress inks-I'm over halfway there. I will be checking out all the links later this evening.

  6. Thank you everyone.
    So much fun. I think I'm back.
    And distress inks are a necessity in my form of scrapping so really I needed to have all of them. It did take time to acquire them all.
    but they are very versatile and I don't have too many other
    I am thinking that Tuesday will be my official scrapping night here's hoping

  7. Thats AWESOME!! Good to hear you had a great time scrapbooking and in my opinion cleaning always comes second to crafting :)