Friday, April 1, 2011

My own vintage ephemera

so in all my treasure hunting travels I have started noticing I can find or make my own ephemera..
But I will never destroy anything in good condition, or worth anything.
So I'm about to go to Salvation Army to see what I can find.

My bag of watches I found..none of them worked (except the Bulova--which I am still trying to find out about) and the glass was broken on most or just scratched very they came apart..and have become this pile..(now some parts I bought from is what led me to I can find this stuff places and take it apart myself)

 So Tuesday went to the Salvation Army..this was my find..
 It taken apart. Wasn't the greatest haul..but it was fun and not bad for $3..
 Wednesday night went to Value Village..found this pic..this is going to be hung in my scraproom..$2
 And a jig saw puzzle..comes with no picture..
 These are the pieces. They are a little smaller than I hoped, but there are some interesting shapes in there as well.

I'm still looking for domino's and scrabble pieces and maybe a bingo game..all for scrapping supplies of course. Much cheaper. And kinda different looking when you do it this way.


  1. That's a great idea. You are lucky to have found some cool pieces. I never seems to find cool things. Or maybe I'm just not looking right. Can't wait to see what you do with the puzzle pieces.

  2. i've found these collections grow slowly. i know its random, but i have some vintage plastic scrabble pieces i would be willing to share! i wish i had some wooden ones, but the plastic ones i have are a nice yellow color and a neat contrast to a lot of collage pieces.

  3. I love your idea and you found some awesome pieces... thanks for sharing.

  4. you are girl after my own heart~love doing that!!! I would rather have something old than something new!!!! glad I found your blog~I invite you to visit me!!!

  5. Smart girl! You got some great scores.
    I picked up some band and choir books, doilies and some old cards in the last week or so.
    Oh, the thrill of the chase, eh?